Clothing size charts are approximate:



Below is a basic guide to shopping on for your lacrosse player based on age and size. Please make sure to test equipment in your home for fit and comfort before using outside.




The below helmet sizing chart is by helmet type, player level and head circumference in inches. Measurement is measured by using a soft string around the players head across the brow above your eyes. Cut the string to snug fit around head, then remove string and measure with a tape measure in inches. All sizing below is approximate and your helmet will need to be adjusted before wearing. Please make sure to test equipment in your home for fit and comfort before using outside.




All complete sticks (head with handle attached) are measured from furthest tip to furthest tip of stick from head scoop to end of rubber end. Most players cut the complete stick to minimum length to help protect stick during play. All Lacrosse Unlimited retail locations offer FREE measuring and handle/shaft cutting and can answer any of your handle questions or concerns. Make sure handle is completely and securely attached to your head with a screw before cutting any handle. All handle materials can be cut by an adult with a standard metal hack saw blade and a measuring tape. Alll measurements below are according to USLacrosse website and consult your coach/director for league recommendations.

*Youth ages 4 to 7 years old often determine length by individual height and you should contact clinic or team before cutting to lengh. Youth girls use players arm length to measure by placing pointer finger at edge of head neck and cutting handle where the end of stick reaching back of players shoulder.

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